The Catholic University of America

Danika Coaplin, Bachelar of Biomedical Engineering, 2013

Q:   Current company name and title?

T2Biosystems Software Quality Assurance Engineer

Q: What is your job like and what do you like about it?

Testing of software on internally developed medical devices in an FDA controlled environment.  Involves software development and hardware/software integration.

Q: How did CUA prepare you for your career?

Mainly the help and connections I found through the professors which led to my internship experiences.  Also, a variety of course work spanning computer science to biology.

Q:  Anything else you want to add?

CUA provided a great location in which to go to school, and a great source of resources and references.  Building these contacts gave me real work experience and exposure and also allowed me to build a network where I was able to reach out to an Alum and find a position that was a perfect fit, even in a new city.  I also truly believe the wide range of coursework helped to expose myself to many possibilities within the field. I never thought I'd be in software engineering but I had many open doors, and chose this one - I'm very glad I had the resources and experience to allow me to do so!