The Catholic University of America

Dominic Padova, B.B.E., class of 2017
Hometown: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Q: Why did you choose CUA?
I loved the comradery I felt during University Odyssey Day.  I knew my home was in CUA’s community. Just as importantly, CUA fostered the space where I could form strong relationships with the faculty because I was not just a number.
Q: Achievements most proud of while at CUA
I am most proud of the Best Undergraduate Poster Award at University Research Day 2017 bestowed on my Senior Design Team.
Q: What extra-curricular activities did you participate in?
Over my four years, I have participated in BMES, neuroscience club, and research efforts in the Tissue Engineering and Optics Lab under Dr. Chris Raub.
Q: What did you like about CUA most?
Without a doubt, my favorite aspect of CUA is the tight-knit community.  I have developed a better sense of emotional intelligence and global citizenship from the friendly interactions with people having diverse backgrounds.
Q. What are your plans after graduation?
I will be pursuing a Masters of Science in Applied and Computational Mathematics at Johns Hopkins University.