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Graduate Education


CUA offers graduate degrees at the masters and doctorate levels of biomedical engineering. The strength of biomedical engineering lies in the ability to strategically grasp knowledge from several areas of engineering and apply it to particular problems in medicine, biology and neuroscience. It has been historically shown that when engineering knowledge is applied appropriately to these fields tremendous advancements occur. A student in biomedical engineering does not focus on a particular area of engineering, but rather the fundamental engineering tools developed in all engineering areas.

Candidates in the masters and doctorate degree programs may choose to pursue a general program, which can emphasizes skills for basic or applied research in medicine, biology and neuroscience.

Goals and Objectives

Students receiving a graduate degrees from the program will have:

  • Advanced knowledge of classic and modern engineering principles and techniques.
  • Advanced knowledge of human physiology, biology and neuroscience.
  • The ability to identify and apply appropriate engineering techniques and methods to certain applications biology and medicine.
  • The ability to use engineering theory to facilitate the understanding of the human body through theoretical models and experimental methods.
  • An understanding of the current state of engineering technology as applied to clinical practice and biomedical research. 

Applying for Admission to the BE Graduate Program

Registration and Enrollment 

Degree Requirements

Sample Graduate Course Offerings

  • BE 501 - Biomaterials
  • BE 513 - Biomedical Instrumentation I
  • BE 515 - Biomedical Signal Processes
  • BE 516 - Biological Systems & Control
  • BE 528 - Rehabilitation Engineering
  • BE522 - Human Locomotion
  • BE524 - Principles of Prosthetics and Orthotics
  • BE 617 - Soft Computing for Bio-Monitoring and Bio-Controls
  • BE 621 - Neural Control of Movement
  • BE 631 - Neural Stimulation in Rehabilitation
  • BE 635 - Optimization of Human Performance
  • BE 728 - Advanced Topics in Rehabilitation Engineering
  • BE 729 - Advanced Topics in Biomaterials
  • BE 733 - Mathematical Modeling in Biology
  • BE 734 - Molecular Dynamics, Graphics, and Simulation.

Financial Aid

All graduate students receiving full stipend from a faculty research grant are eligible for tuition exemption. In addition, the department may offer teaching assistantships and full tuition exemption and stipend to students with outstanding academic background, as illustrated by high GRE scores (verbal plus quantitative above 1350), undergraduate academic.